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<   No. 4338   2020-09-09   >

Comic #4338

1 Adam: Sho, Zhamie... have we bushted thish myff yet?
2 Jamie: Your blood alcohol level is only 0.22. We need to at least double it still.
3 Adam: Eckshellent! Another glash of ffodka!!
4 Jamie: {to camera} Do NOT try this at home, folks.
4 Adam: Haff we got any prestshelssh...?

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Seriously, don't try this at home, folks.

This comic seriously underestimates the effect of this blood alcohol level on Adam. Speech becomes slurred at around a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1%. Above 0.2%, according to

Stupor, confusion, feeling dazed, and disorientation are common. Standing and walking may require help, as balance and muscle control will have deteriorated significantly. Sensations of pain will change, so if you fall and seriously hurt yourself, you may not notice, and you are less likely to do anything about it. Nausea and vomiting are likely to occur, and the gag reflex will be impaired, which could cause choking or aspirating on vomit. Blackouts begin at this blood alcohol concentration, so you may participate in events that you don’t remember.

So at this level a typical person should have trouble even standing up, not vomiting, and not choking on their own vomit. Of course, Adam's made of sterner stuff.

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