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<   No. 4406   2020-12-14   >

Comic #4406

1 Lambert: Then there was the time Uncle Bilbert got into cabinet making.
1 Alvissa: Oh?
2 Lambert: He apprenticed to a very strict, old school cabinet maker. He only built cabinets with straight lines and 90° angles.
3 Lambert: Bilbert wanted to make something with curves and ogees, but none of the master’s tools were suited for the job. So he modified them.
4 Alvissa: Oh no! Did he get into trouble?
4 Lambert: Yes, for bending the rules.

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After introducing the new Photoshop fire rendering tool for the campfire in strips #4383 and #4396, I've been experimenting with making the campfire look a bit more realistic. I turned down the number of flames and scaled each one larger, which also shifted the colour to a more cosy orange glow than the roaring bright yellow in those previous strips. I think the result looks a lot better now.

With many of these Photoshop techniques, I learn as I go, and later efforts are usually better than earlier ones.

I used the term ogee in this comic mainly because it had randomly come up in conversation with a friend a day or two earlier (a friend who does woodworking). I originally wrote the script with just "curves", but when assembling the comic I realised it was a perfect opportunity to use the newly learnt word "ogee". I figured this may well be the only time I ever get to use that word in an appropriate context, so I'd better take it!

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