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<   No. 4456   2021-02-22   >

Comic #4456

1 Ophelia: This countryside we’re driving through looks a bit strange. The people are dressed oddly.
2 Mercutio: Oh, they’re all in costume for... the local Renaissance Fair.
3 Ophelia: Don’t Ren Fair attendees dress up as court nobles and stuff? These all look like filthy peasant farmers.
4 Mercutio: They... go for authenticity here.
4 Ophelia: That one’s got scrofula!

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I originally wrote this joke with gangrene, but then I thought scrofula sounded more old fashioned and amusing. Not that either would be amusing if you had them, I admit.

Renaissance Fairs are festivals in which attendees engage in historical-themed activities, including dressing up in period costume, eating period food dishes, and spectating or taking part in musical performances, dancing, plays, jousting tournaments, combat re-enactments, and so on. They can be themed on the Renaissance period, but may also extend to other historical periods such as the Middle Ages.

Generally people gloss over the fact that living in these times was pretty miserable for most people, and just play it all for fun and entertainment. Which is fair enough, really. You don't want to go out on your weekend and pretend to be a miserable diseased peasant, covered in farm muck.

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