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<   No. 448   2004-04-18   >

Comic #448

1 Monty: So let's head over to the other side of the plateau.
2 {They start walking. The giant hairy ape follows them closely.}
3 Monty: This darn ape is following us and throwing fruit! Why won't it leave us alone?
4 Prof. Jones: It must be a harangue-utan.

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2013-04-04 Rerun commentary: The background sky here is now a subtle gradient, generated with a gradient tool in a graphics program, going from lighter blue near the horizon to slightly darker above. This reflects the actual gradient of colour in the sky. Though the overall shade is pretty light here.

On of the hardest things to show in these comics is a wide shot, because usually I'm working with only one or two baseplates of background.

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