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<   No. 4501   2021-04-26   >

Comic #4501

1 Caption: A long time ago*, in a galaxy far, far away**....
2 Caption: * Actually, since the events of this story take place in a fictional universe, the measurement of time relative to our own universe is non-trivial and without any conventionally accepted solution, so in effect, we don’t know for sure if it actually is a long time ago, or what that even means.
3 Caption: ** Considering the fictional universe thing again, the term “far” is not directly applicable, due to the fact that these two universes do not exist within the same space-time continuum. Also, since the universe is isotropic and homogeneous on large scales, the meaning of “far” is inherently uncertain as it’s difficult to find reference points. Also, is “far, far away” actually any further than just “far away”?
4 Caption: So allow me to rephrase:
5 Caption: A long, or potentially short, time ago, or in the future, or possibly even in the present, in a galaxy far, far, in some arbitrary sense, “away”, or perhaps nearby, or heck maybe even our own galaxy just seen at a different time in the past (or future)....
6 Caption: Oh sod it. Let’s keep it simple.
7 Caption: Meanwhile, across town....

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An old thing that's been sitting in my ideas file forever, mostly based on what someone said to me many years ago.[1]

[1] Or perhaps some time in the future, or even the present. Who knows?

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