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<   No. 4544   2021-06-24   >

Comic #4544

1 Armoured knight: This dragon seems to be travelling very fast.
2 Shakespeare: When your mind is entertained by stimulating conversation, time seems to pass more quickly.
3 {beat}
4 Armoured knight: So we really are travelling very fast, then?

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For a very long time, the fastest that any human ever moved[1] was riding a horse, about 40-45 km/h for a typical gallop according to results provided by a popular Internet search engine.

[1] Horizontally. You can very easily exceed the speed of a galloping horse by falling. If you fall a distance of just 8 metres, your velocity will be 12.5 m/s, or just over 45 km/h. Downwards. So there were probably plenty of people in history before the invention of powered vehicles who exceeded the speed of a galloping horse. It's just that most of them died shortly thereafter.

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