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Comic #4599

1 Adam: Good thinking, Jamie. If he just tells us if Dracula wears Levi’s, we won’t need to buy any of this anti-vampire gear!
2 Adam: So here’s 100 lei. Tell us if Dracula wears Levi’s or not.
3 Shop owner: Maybe yes, maybe no. Hard to tell.
4 Shop owner: Unless get real close. Vill also need bible, rosary, communion vafers, prayer book, mirror, and night wision goggles. Wery expensive.

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Do vampires show up in night vision goggles?

Good question...

I guess they're going to find out!

It's not even generally agreed if vampires are warm like mammals, or essentially ambient temperature, like a dead body. A brief search turned up this fascinating thread on Straight Dope, in which people argue from multiple different, more or less scientific, premises and come up with wildly diverging answers. Some even conclude that vampires must be hotter than living mammals, while others think they're abnormally cold enough to have water constantly condensing on them.

Of course the legends from various folk traditions around vampires are also wildly divergent. Some say that vampires are abnormally warm because of all the blood in them, while others say they are chilly to the touch.

In short, it seems that rather than definitively accepting just one type of vampire, science supports all the different legends of vampires.

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