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<   No. 474   2004-05-14   >

Comic #474

1 [sound]: Knock! Knock!
2 Steve: Crikey! That charity collector guy was here just a few minutes ago!
3 Steve: {opening door and flinging money out} Here, have another hundred dollars then!
4 Cthulhu: {standing outside the door, now slammed in his face, and picking up the money} I've had some odd reactions before, but this...

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2013-05-04 Rerun commentary: The walls inside Steve's home have never been higher than what you can see in the first panel. The tops are usually hidden by carefully controlled camera angles. But in this case you can see the LEGO studs on top of the wall and the fact that that's as high as it goes.

In fact you can see quite clearly in panel 4 that Steve's house has no ceiling or roof.

On another note (ha!), I used a green LEGO plate to represent the $100. To Americans it may seem obvious to use something green to represent money, but that's not the case for most other countries. However, in this case it is appropriate because the Australian $100 note does in fact happen to be green. (Australian banknotes of other denominations are not green.)

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