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<   No. 4764   2022-06-02   >

Comic #4764

1 Mike: Yep. We teleported to the four-armed gargoyle statue, all right. With one arm broken off.
2 Lucas: They’ve really gone to incredible effort to replicate the Tomb of Horrors.
2 Mike: Maybe... they haven’t.
3 Mike: Maybe it’s all in our minds! That’s why it perfecly matches our memories! Maybe we’re being restrained and tortured while our brains hallucinate!
4 Dustin: Here we are beating the Tomb of Horrors, and you want to spoil it by imagining something less scary?

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Gargoyles are monstrous creatures in Dungeons & Dragons, well known for their stone-like skin and their propensity to sit still and convincingly pose as statues. Of course this means that any player worth their salt will be immediately suspicious of anything that the Dungeon Master describes as "a gargoyle statue".

Interestingly, descriptions of gargoyles are wildly inconsistent across different D&D products and editions. The most usual description is that they are carved from stone and magically imbued with the ability to move (and attack pesky adventurers), and that they need neither food nor water. However some official D&D products variously describe them as carnivorous, or even as natural biological creatures capable of reproduction.

One possible way to think of them is that the original gargoyles were carved from stone and magically given life. And from there, they have gradually become capable of feeding and reproduction.

Life... uh... finds a way.

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