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<   No. 482   2004-05-22   >

Comic #482

1 {scene: the bridge of the Millennium Falcon}
1 Leia: What are you doing? You're not actually going into an asteroid field?
2 Han: They'd be crazy to follow us, wouldn't they?
3 Threepio: Sir, the density of asteroids in a belt is actually extremely low, and quite easy to navigate. If you're hoping to evade pursuit, you're sorely mistaken.
4 Han: Never tell me the facts!

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I have to thank Ral for the punchline. I was brainstorming out loud and got as far as Threepio's line when Ral suddenly interjected, "Don't tell me the facts!"

I laughed so hard I just knew I had to use it.

2013-05-14 Rerun commentary: Unfortunately I have never acquired a genuine Princess Leia LEGO minifigure in any costume other than the Jabba slavegirl (which is hardly appropriate for most comics I'd want to put her in). So every time Leia appears in a comic (except here), I have to improvise a figure for her.

For a while, the only way to get a Leia minifigure was in the enormous Millennium Falcon LEGO set, which cost something like $500. Then the Jabba set came along, but as pointed out, her outfit in that one is not particularly useful unless actually doing Jabba's palace scenes. I believe she's since appeared in some other sets, but I have stopped collecting LEGO Star Wars.

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