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<   No. 484   2004-05-24   >

Comic #484

1 Haken: Hands up! We are armed! {brandishing guns}
2 Monty: We have guns too, Haken. {also brandishing}
3 Haken: So, it seems we have what we call in die Fatherland a Bavarian standoff. {the two groups face off across the stream}
4 Monty: Bavarian?
4 Erwin: Like a Mexican standoff, but with chocolate cake.
4 Haken: Erwin!

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Mmmm... chocolate cake...

2013-05-16 Rerun commentary: So apparently there's this thing in the USA known as a German chocolate cake. That is not what this strip is referencing as, up until recently, I'd never heard of "German chocolate cake" before. It seems to be one of those things (of which there are many) that Americans assume everyone knows about, but which is actually extremely restricted to American culture.

What I was actually referencing is Black Forest cake. Unlike "German chocolate cake", Black Forest cake is genuinely of German origin, and is known all over the world. And it has cherries in it, which immediately trumps any pretender to the title of most awesome chocolate cake in existence.

Also, there is what might be considered a small error in this strip. Erwin is canonically left handed, yet here he is holding his gun right-handed.

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