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<   No. 515   2004-06-24   >

Comic #515

1 {scene: A fish market. Worm Master and Dino Boy are examining a large fish for sale in the background}
1 Refractive Man: Nothing like a trip to the fish market for fresh seafood.
1 Captin Spatula: Yeah. And no supervillains. Who would even think of launching an attack here?
2 GM: Aqualich! He has the power of command over dead fish!
3 {scene: Aqualich, a skeleton in regal robes weilding a magic staff, directs dead fish to flap through the air and fight our heroes, who fight back valiantly}
3 Worm Master: There's no worms for me to tuna into...
3 Captain Spatula: What would worms be doing in a plaice like this?
3 Refractive Man: Stop it, you're giving me a haddock!

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After a too-long hiatus, the superheroes who were last seen in #157 are back! Dean Stahl, who draws these guys, unfortunately lost the services of his scanner and couldn't get a new one until just recently. If you want to show your support for the superheroes and Dean, check his Steelhorse Studios and maybe commission him to draw some custom character art for your RPG characters!

2013-06-21 Rerun commentary: Ah, tha introduction of Aqualich!

Superman has Lex Luthor. Batman has The Joker. The X-Men have Magneto.

Every superhero or group of superheroes needs an arch-enemy card-carrying villain.

I figured what could be more evil than a lich? Who engenders fish puns?

The Aqua- part of Aqualich initially came about as a play on Aquaman, generally regarded as one of the lamest big-name superheroes of all time. I figured it would be cool to have a villain who could really only do stuff when surrounded by seafood.

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