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<   No. 514   2004-06-23   >

Comic #514

1 Nazi 1: {on the zeppelin bridge} Herr Kolonel! We have found stowaways hanging off die zeppelin mooring cable!
2 Haken: Ach, cut them loose! No... wait... are they trying to climb up die cable?
3 Nazi 1: No... it looks like they're arguing with each other.
4 Haken: What do you think, Erwin?
4 Erwin: Herr Doktor Jones and his father!

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2013-06-20 Rerun commentary: Excellent piece of deductive logic by Erwin there. Although given that the Joneses were the only other people the Nazis knew were even on the lost plateau that they just took off from, it was kind of a foregone conclusion.

That's a good shot of Colonel Haken's scar in the second panel. I presume he got it in a sword duel or something, not because he had an itch and forgot he had a hook instead of a left hand.

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