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<   No. 526   2004-07-05   >

Comic #526

1 {scene: Zeppelin cargo bay. A huge thunderstorm crackles the sky seen through the windows with lightning.}
1 Monty: {still tied up} Erwin! You have more sense than Colonel Haken! Untie us so we can get the zeppelin out of this storm!
2 Erwin: Herr Kolonel Haken informs me die zeppelin is perfectly safe.
3 Monty: What does he know about science? He's a colonel! I have a Ph.D.!
4 Prof. Jones: Didn't you flunk physics and chemistry, Junior?
4 Monty: Dad!!!

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The cool lightning in the background comes from photos in the U.S. Government National Oceanic and Aerospace Administration's National Severe Storms Laboratory Photo Library. Although there's a lot of really cool lightning photos on the web, I used these ones because they're public domain, which means I don't need to seek permission from the copyright holder.

2013-07-04 Rerun commentary: Wow, there's a rarity. One of the websites I linked to way back in these early strips is still there. I've had to update quite a few of the old URLs as I go through these strips writing these commentaries.

The NOAA Photo Library home page seems to have a current "photo of the day", but the print at the bottom says the site was last updated back in 2009. (Which was 5 years after this comic was published, so that's not too bad, really.) I wonder if the photo of the day is being changed by a script that somebody wrote years ago and hasn't looked at since.

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