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<   No. 527   2004-07-06   >

Comic #527

1 Hermione: Harry! Ron! Have you heard the news?
2 Harry: Yeah, they say there's a half-blood prince here somewhere at Hogwarts. I wonder who it could be?
3 {scene change: Professor Dumbledore's office}
3 Dumbledore: Nice of you to fill in for us on such short notice. Tell me something about yourself.
4 Steve: Crikey! Well, me mum was a muggle croc-wrangler, but me dad was a wizard descended from Charlemagne...

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For those who missed the news, J.K. Rowling has announced that the title of the next Harry Potter book will be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Seriously, it's on her official web site - if you can navigate the awful interface. Richest woman in the UK, and she can't get someone to design her a decent web site.

Anyway, this announcement has sparked immense speculation on various web forums and so on about exactly who the "half-blood prince" is. So this is my theory.

2013-07-05 Rerun commentary: And speaking of old websites, it looks like J.K. Rowling's website has been updated and improved substantially from what I remember of it. Although it's rather over-engineered and annoying to navigate still.

Wow, looking at all the charities and stuff that Rowling supports and works with, I suspect she may be in line for some sort of honours in the future. Okay, besides the OBE she already has for services to children's literature.

Oh, and now that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is some eight years old, most of us know who the half-blood prince turned out to be. But I wont spoil it here.

If you've never read the Harry Potter novels, they're actually really good books.

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