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<   No. 566   2004-08-14   >

Comic #566

1 {scene: the door to Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine}
1 Door: Tee chuta hhat yudd!
1 Threepio: Artoo Detoowha bo Seethreepiowha ey toota odd mischka Jabba du Hutt.
2 Door: Nee Jabba no haa! Kee wassna toota Dagobawha.
2 Threepio: Emigrated to Dagobah?! Why?
3 Door: Du wanna wanga tee wananga toh daschka dessowha du Tatooinawha ey toota dermeya tu chahuta molskeya?
4 Threepio: "Do I know what the dry desert climate of Tatooine does to the skin of a giant slug?" Oh, I see.

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Jabba must have kept the moisturiser industry of the entire Outer Rim of the galaxy in business when he lived on Tatooine.

It was fun making up words for the Huttese dialogue. I used some cognates of English words to give it the feel that you can see some similarities of meaning if you look for them, which I think is what was done in the actual movie dialogue too.

2013-08-20 Rerun commentary: This strip was basically inspired by the fact that at the time I'd recently bought the Jabba's Message LEGO set (4475). With a new set to work with, of course I had to come up with some sort of gag to depict with it for the comic.

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