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<   No. 584   2004-09-01   >

Comic #584

1 Head Death: It is your impatience that has undone you again, Fireballs. You raced back with one soul when many more awaited.
2 Head Death: As I foreshadowed last time, I am forced to demote to you to Death of Living For Over 900 Years, in order...
3 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: This is unfair! You wanted to be fair to Colonel Haken! What about fair to me?!
4 Head Death: ... to teach you patience.
4 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: Oh. Not a good start, I presume?

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Whoops. Demoted again.

Head Death is referring to the events of #503.

2013-09-10 Rerun commentary: Standard LEGO minifigures have articulated shoulder joints with a large amount of friction, so it's easy to pose them with their arms in various positions. However, the skeletons have a very loose shoulder joint, incapable of supporting the weight of the arm, which results in the only stable position of their skeletal arms being dangling directly downwards.

Yet in many cases I wanted to have a skeleton with a raised arm, for emphasis or for pointing at stuff or what have you. How did I achieve this?

Blu-Tack. Every single time you see a skeleton with a raised arm in this comic, there is a tiny blob of Blu-Tack stuck into the armpit, holding the weight of the arm up against gravity. I don't think it's visible in this strip, because I tried my best to hide it each time, but it's possible you may see it in other strips, now you know what to look for.

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