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<   No. 603   2004-09-20   >

Comic #603

1 Pleydell-Smith: {in Strangways' cottage, holding up a piece of paper} I've found a receipt from Dawson - for analysis of some mineral samples. Do you think it's a clue?
2 Stud: Don't be ridiculous. It's completely unimportant.
3 Pleydell-Smith: It's marked "Crab Key. Radioactive. Dr No. Secret Base. Missile Toppling. World Domination."
4 Stud: See? There's nothing more we can learn from that.

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Well, that's pretty much the entire plot of Dr No right there. Except for the bikini shots.

2013-10-02 Rerun commentary: This is a pretty cool set, with the bloodstain on the floor and the disarrayed furniture and the lush growth outside the windows to show it's in Jamaica. It's a nice effect that the drawers of the filing cabinet are still open.

A trick I learnt many years from someplace I forget is that experienced/professional thieves will search through drawers starting at the bottom, so they can simply work their way up without needing to close any drawers to access the next one underneath it. It saves precious time when you're trying to ransack a place as quickly as possible.

For some unfortunate reason I've never had occasion to need to use that particular bit of knowledge.

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