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<   No. 652   2004-11-08   >

Comic #652

1 {scene: driving from Berlin to Greece}
1 Monty: {in the passenger seat now while Prof. Jones drives} ... and then the zeppelin exploded into a terrible fireball. We were lucky to escape, but Pop didn't make it, sadly...
2 Sallah: Actually, I have some surprising good news for you.
3 Monty: What?! Did Pop miraculously escape somehow, and you've seen him, and he's alive and well?!
4 Sallah: No. Professor, you actually lent your hip flask to me in Venezuela! I have it right here!
4 Prof. Jones: Well, that is good news!

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The story-within-a-story of Professor Jones' hip flask, begun back in #508 finally concludes.

Observant readers will also notice that Monty and his father have swapped seats since their rest stop, so that Monty can have a break while Professor Jones drives.

2013-11-28 Rerun commentary: I did this strip to resolve the dangling error earlier when Professor Jones assumed that his father had his hip flask. Pleasingly, I managed to work it into a joke about Professor Jones being more pleased to hear that his hip flask had made it safely than that his father had.

You'll notice that the "road" they are driving on is a light grey, rather than the black of bitumen. Presumably it's a concrete road, specially made for tanks by the German army.

I learnt somewhere many years ago that tanks moving on bitumen roads can grind up the relatively soft road surface with their heavy treads, so it's preferable to drive your tanks on concrete roads, because the harder concrete withstands the wear much better. It's odd the weird bits and pieces of obscure knowledge you pick up sometimes. I'm not sure this particular piece of knowledge will ever be useful for me (except perhaps to write this annotation).

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