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<   No. 659   2004-11-15   >

Comic #659

1 {scene: The cantina on Tatooine}
1 Luke: {pointing at Chewbacca} He's not wearing any pants!
2 Han: Relax, kid. Wookiees don't have any nudity taboos. Chewbacca told me, none of them wear clothes.
3 Obi-Wan: I hate to tell you this, Captain Solo, but Wookiees actually have very strong nudity taboos...
4 Obi-Wan: ... and there are certain aberrant individuals who like to expose their private parts to unsuspecting aliens... {Han edges away from Chewbacca}

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2013-12-06 Rerun commentary: Chewbacca of course does not wear pants. But he almost did. The studio executives funding the production of Star Wars in the 1970s were worried that the Wookiee was too exposed and requested that George Lucas put some sort of garment on his nether regions. Lucas resisted.

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