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<   No. 648   2004-11-04   >

Comic #648

1 {scene: Rebel Alliance briefing room. Admiral Ackbar is pointing at a holographic projection of the new Death Star while rebel troops watch.}
1 Admiral Ackbar: Once the shield is down, our cruisers will create a perimeter, while the fighters fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the main reactor.
2 Leia: But if we blow up this new Death Star, it will rain billions of tons of radioactive metal on to the forest moon!
3 Leia: It'll wipe out every living thing on the surface! Think of the Ewoks!
4 Admiral Ackbar: I am!

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LEGO doesn't make an Admiral Ackbar figure, so I built one from scratch, following the ideas of Bruce Lowell.

The theory that the destruction of the second Death Star would have obliterated all life on the forest moon of Endor has been developed in detail by several Star Wars geeks who clearly have too much time on their hands. Personally, I'm not convinced by the arguments, which make some arbitrary assumptions about the nature of the orbital parameters of Endor's moon and the Death Star, that could as easily have been taken another way.

Not that I'll let that stand in the way of making fun of Ewoks.

2013-11-23 Rerun commentary: Three things:

1. Wow! Both of the web pages I linked to way back in 2004 still exist (as of late 2013).

2. It's a shame the comic panels are so small and you can't see the details of either Admiral Ackbar's head, or the hologram projection of the Death Star in the first panel. It's a nice effect, what with the semi-transparency and all. I put a bit of effort into that.

3. The "Endor Holocaust" theory was developed by Curtis Saxton, who is well known in Star Wars fandom as one of the most influential fans of the series and the author of some official Star Wars books dealing with technical aspects of the series. If you check his Wookieepedia page, you'll see he studied astrophysics at the University of Sydney... as did I. We were in fact working in the astrophysics department there at the same time and I interacted with him a bit. However, despite both of us being huge Star Wars fans, we never actually discussed Star Wars together. I didn't even find out he was a Star Wars fan until after I'd left university.

Talk to people. Don't be afraid to bring up your nerdy hobbies.

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