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<   No. 661   2004-11-17   >

Comic #661

1 [caption]: Athens
2 Prof. Jones: {standing in front of some ancient reek ruins} Mmm... Greece... Souvlaki, moussaka, spanokopita, galaktobouriko, dolmades, loukoumathes, baklava, kataifi...
3 Sallah: Feta.
3 Prof. Jones: Oh yes, feta, lovely cheese...
4 Sallah: No, if you eat all that you'll become much feta.

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The photos of Athens are royalty-free images available free for anyone to use them from morgueFile. These particular ones were taken by Kevin Connors, who was one of the guys who set up morgueFile. Many thanks to the reader who pointed me to this resource.

2013-12-09 Rerun commentary: Wow, I'd forgotten about morgueFile. It still exists and has grown into quite a large resource for royalty free photos. There are several other good places to get free photos as well - nine others (along with morgueFile to make a top 10 list) are listed here.

Using royalty-free photos with proper regard to the photographers' ownership rights and granted permissions is so much better than just using whatever images you find anywhere on the net.

Oh, and Greek food is yummy. I've had all of the things that Professor Jones mentions, and they are all delicious.

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