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<   No. 695   2004-12-21   >

Comic #695

1 GM: Okay, the sun's coming up. I think we'll call it a night and declare that the end of this session of gaming.
2 Lambert: Cool. So how far did we get through the adventure?
3 GM: Well, the opening act of the quest scenario takes up 35 pages of my adventure notes.
4 GM: So far you've learnt the goal of the quest from the Duke... So you're one sentence in.

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Oh yes indeed, this comes from direct experience.

2014-01-17 Rerun commentary: The coincidences never cease! Two days hence (as I write this), and in fact on the very day and at the very time that this rerun is published, I will be running some friends through session 4 of the classic AD&D adventure Ravenloft. We started this adventure several months ago, and have only played three sessions so far because of the vagaries of organising a common date on which several busy guys with families can get together.

My original estimate was that we could finish the adventure in two sessions. I'm now hoping we can finish it in four.

EDIT: And we did indeed complete the adventure! The villain was vanquished! The village was saved!

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