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<   No. 696   2004-12-22   >

Comic #696

1 {scene: The Axis of Antagonists' secret hideout}
1 Aqualich: {pointing at a wall map of Kansas City} A secret plutonium shipment is coming in tonight. Bug, take out the security systems. Hippo, you carry this crate of dead fish. Sea Dog... yes?
2 Sea Dog: {with hand raised} Arrr! If this shipment be secret, how be we knowin' about it?
3 Aqualich: Because we're NPCs and the GM cheats, you fool!

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Once again, Dean Stahl of Steelhorse Studios supplied the Supers artwork.

The detail in the original images he provides is unfortunately partially obscured by the speech balloons, so I'm showing off part of the whole artwork. You can (just) see that the Axis of Antagonists (and thus our heroes the League of Good Guys) operate out of the great metropolitan superhero haven of Kansas City.

2014-01-18 Rerun commentary: I could not find any Marvel, DC, or other fictional superheroes whose beat is Kansas City. I guess they all patrol the more glamorous (or more fictional) cities like New York, Los Angeles, Metropolis, or Gotham City.

However, apparently there is* a real life masked superhero, calling herself Nyx, who patrols the streets of Kansas City, fighting crime and doing good deeds. You can check her out at this rather 1990s-looking web page (scroll down to NYX). There's a bit more here.

* Or was. Nyx's information comes from a Myspace page, of all things, and claims she will soon be moving to New York. <sigh>, even the rural farm girl who grows up to be a superhero wants to escape to the big city these days. What is the world coming to?

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