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<   No. 774   2005-03-10   >

Comic #774

1 {scene: the field where the Martians parked their saucer, only it is nowhere to be seen}
1 Martian 1: Oh, I don't believe this. Where did you park the flying saucer?
2 [sound]: {A mysterious black van, bristling with surveillance equipment pulls up} Vrooom! Screeeech!
3 Man in Black: {stepping out of the van} You didn't see any flying saucer. There's no such things as UFOs or aliens.
4 Martian 1: Hey man, we're freakin' Martians!

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Men in Black are allegedly mysterious men clad in black suits who approach people who claim to have encountered UFOs or aliens. They (the story goes) attempt to coerce or threaten the UFO witnesses into silence. Some conspiracy theorists consider them to be government agents with the job of suppressing the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial visitors on Earth.

I've been planning to introduce a Man in Black character for... well, probably over a year now. Finally, here he is.

2014-04-19 Rerun commentary: Yay, the Man in Black! I like this character.

I always think it's fun to have aliens and stuff have to deal with all the mundane little problems that afflict us from time to time in real life. It would really just top it off if, after they find their flying saucer, they discover the keys are locked inside.

I bet the callout fee for the Alien Automobile Association is huge.

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