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<   No. 821   2005-04-26   >

Comic #821

1 Monty: The Parthenon? Romantic?! It's the temple of Athena Parthenos, the Virgin! It's 2,400 years old!
2 Monty: It'd be desecration!
3 Prof. Jones: You mean to tell me you've never had a romantic tryst in a sacred archaeological site? You should try it!
4 Monty: I don't want to hear this!!

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The Parthenon was built from 447-433 BC, atop the Acropolis of Athens - which is simply a fancy name for a big hill in the middle of the city. It was built as a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, the patron goddess of Athens (and from whom the city derives its name, in case that wasn't obvious).

Athena has many aspects, perhaps the most important being that of the goddess of war. She is often depicted as an armed and armoured warrior. She is also known for her great wisdom, commonly being depicted with an owl to represent this aspect of her nature. As a wise goddess, she acts as an impartial judge when required. She is also a patron of artisans and craftsmen. But Athena is also a virgin, and it is this aspect - Athena Parthenos - that inspired the Parthenon.

2014-06-13 Rerun commentary: The sacred archaeological sites that Professor Jones has visited include: Just for your information.

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