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<   No. 826   2005-05-01   >

Comic #826

1 Prof. Jones: Didn't I ever tell you the story of how you were conceived?
2 Prof. Jones: Your mother and I were grad students working with Howard Carter when he excavated the tomb of Amenhotep II.
3 Prof. Jones: After a hard day of digging... well, sarcophagi aren't as comfortable as they look, let me tell you.
4 Monty: {covering his ears with his hands} Not listening, Dad!
4 Minnesota Jones: Tell us the details, son!

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Howard Carter was an archaeologist who lived from 1874-1939. He spent most of his career studying ancient Egypt, and is best known as the discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which he excavated in 1922-23. To this day, it remains the only pharaoh's tomb to have been found unplundered.

Prior to this, Victor Loret discovered KV35 (the 35th tomb of the Valley of the Kings), the tomb of Amenhotep II. This tomb was a large cache containing the mummies of several pharaohs, apparently used as a storage place by tomb raiders in antiquity as they cleaned out other tombs. Howard Carter assisted in the study of the tomb and its mummies. He was a little young to have grad students at the time (he probably was one himself), but the date is pretty good for the events Professor Jones describes here.

2014-06-19 Rerun commentary: The correct answer to Professor Jones's question is, "YES! You do NOT need to tell me again!"

Whether that is true or not.

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