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<   No. 851   2005-05-26   >

Comic #851

1 Monty: It's worse than that, dad. Dr Smith tricked us into waiting here in Athens while she races to Moscow with the orichalcum!
2 Monty: This is the worst possible thing that could have happened!
3 Monty: Nothing could make this situation any more hopeless!
4 Minnesota Jones: {tapping Prof. Jones on the shoulder} Uh, boys... {Haken and Erwin are pointing guns at them}

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Ah, the old "Hollywood night scene" trick, where I generate the frames exactly as if I were doing a day scene and then apply a dark blue filter. Except in panel three I ended up with an obviously daylight sky showing between the Parthenon columns, so I had to select and darken that further to avoid the incongruous "bright sky at night" effect that you can see in many older films.

2014-07-18 Rerun commentary: It's hard to know which statement is more dangerous in terms of tempting fate: Either one is incredibly dangerous. I think to really be safe you need something like:

"This is a roughly average situation, possibly - but not necessarily - with one small semi-notable quirk which may or may not cause anyone's attention to be drawn to it in any way which highlights anything out of the ordinary."

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