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<   No. 1028   2005-11-19   >

Comic #1028

1 Jamie: {walking through a part of San Francisco Airport} So what was Steve arrested for?
1 Terry: Joking to a Customs official.
2 Adam: Oh, yeah, you don't want to do that. They're like some sort of humourless government Men in Black.
3 Man in Black: {appearing disconcertingly in their path} There's no such thing as Men in Black.
4 Adam: Er, Jamie? Men in Black?
4 Jamie: I'm going with "plausible" on that evidence.

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The Man in Black comes to us courtesy of the Martians theme, but I'm not really counting this as a crossover. I think the Martians themselves need to appear for that.

2015-02-10 Rerun commentary: San Francisco has an architecture which feels somewhat unique to me. The wooden panel houses with bay windows (like in this photo:

House on Mission

) are something which to me seems typical of San Francisco and no other place - although I guess there may well be other places in the USA with similar architecture that I have not visited.

Appropriately enough, I used LEGO bay windows in the background of this strip to evoke that San Francisco feel. (Admittedly the rest of the set doesn't look like anything I'm aware of in that city...)

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