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<   No. 1027   2005-11-18   >

Comic #1027

1 {scene: a booth in the bar}
1 Helix: Listen, James. I've been working this case for the CIA for a while, and I've come to some conclusions.
2 Helix: This Chinese guy called Dr No has a secret base on Crab Key, where he's built a nuclear powered missile toppling device.
3 Stud: Interesting, Helix. But why are you telling me all this now?
4 Helix: Because you're not advancing the plot fast enough by yourself.

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Yes folks, it's the first Espionage strip since #839. I didn't mean to let James Stud fall by the wayside, but I just got blocked on developing the plot while still providing gags. So I'm going to hurry things up a little and not try to cover every scene in Dr No.

Also, for some reason, this theme has turned into the most fourth-wall-breaking theme I have.

2015-02-09 Rerun commentary: This set looks suspiciously like part of the LEGO Mos Eisley cantina set - perhaps slightly rebuilt. I wonder which one of these two will shoot first?

I presume the drinks on the table are some sort of cocktails made with rum, as befits the setting of Jamaica. James Bond usually drinks whatever the local specialty is. In the book of Dr. No he drinks Red Stripe lager, and Blue Mountain coffee (not together), and also a double gin and tonic with a whole lime squeezed into it.

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