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<   No. 1029   2005-11-20   >

Comic #1029

1 Monty: You can't take the orichalcum to Russia for use in war machines! It belongs in a museum!
2 Ginny: So do you!
3 Prof. Jones: Hey, what about me then? I'm older and more interesting. Definite museum material.
4 Minnesota Jones: {behind Prof. Jones} Ahem...

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Ginny's line is from the opening sequence of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The lighting is a bit harsh on this strip, unfortunately. The day I shot it was very gloomy and overcast, resulting in my room lighting being a bit less ambient and more glary than usual from the artificial lights.

2015-02-11 Rerun commentary: There are people who can be seen through the windows on this street set. In my mind, these are shopfront windows, and inside are people doing various bits of shopping.

If I have one regret about many of the comics I made, it's that I didn't have enough time or space to build better sets. I was always in a rush to throw something semi-appropriate together and then pull it apart to shoot the next comic. I didn't have the luxury of lots of spare space to leave sets built for long periods of time, so I never developed very elaborate sets. Many of the other LEGO webcomics out there have much better sets than mine.

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