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<   No. 1038   2005-11-29   >

Comic #1038

1 Microsoft Rep: {over phone} Microsoft customer support.
1 Mercutio: Hi, I'm having a problem with a second-hand laptop.
2 Mercutio: The default administrator account data is in a Windows XP folder named Henry. I want to change it to my own name, but nothing seems to work.
3 Microsoft Rep: We have a standard fix for that, sir.
3 Mercutio: Yes?
4 Microsoft Rep: Change your name to Henry by deed poll, sir.

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I have this laptop computer, with Windows XP on it. And...

Yeah. The default administrator account data is in a directory named Henry. And I haven't been able to figure out how to rename it. Without wiping the disk and reinstalling XP, that is.

2015-02-21 Rerun commentary: I have long since gotten rid of the offending computer. I inherited it from a short job I had at one point, where I was required to buy a laptop off the company. It was set up with the company software by the company sysadmin, but they made us pay for the machine ourselves - with the perk that we got a significant discount and that if we left the job we got to keep the machine.

You guessed it. The sysadmin's name was Henry. And after I left the job I tried in vain for ages to change that blasted directory name, without any luck.

Eventually, as the machine became less and less useful due to newer software requiring higher spec machines, I wiped Windows XP and installed Xubuntu Linux. I then used that machine for some years as a personal machine during lunch breaks at work when writing Darths & Droids comics with my colleagues.

But eventually I just got rid of it. So I no longer have this problem! Yay!

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