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<   No. 1037   2005-11-28   >

Comic #1037

1 Alvissa: You need to show up for the trial to get the bail money back.
2 Lambert: It'll be a show trial! They'll frame us for all sorts of malicious deeds we may or may not be responsible for!
3 Alvissa: You were so drunk you don't even remember what happened!
4 Kyros: Exactly! How are we supposed to defend ourselves?!

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And still we don't know what they actually did that landed them in prison.

2015-02-20 Rerun commentary: One of the cool things very closely related to show trials is the concept of a kangaroo court. As wikipedia notes, this phrase is current in Australian English and in common use, which might not be totally surprising. But interestingly and more surprisingly, it seems the origin of "kangaroo court" might actually be American, not Australian - as it has associations with the Californian Gold Rush of 1849 - but it is not entirely clear where it actually originated. The Straight Dope expands on the mystery without solving it.

One additional data point is that "kangaroo court" is not listed in my quite comprehensive 400-page Oxford Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms.

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