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<   No. 1059   2005-12-20   >

Comic #1059

1 Professor Dent: {observing from outside James Stud's room} Curses. The spider didn't work. I'll have to shoot him.
2 Professor Dent: {opening the door} But wait... If he's smart he'll have put pillows in the bed as a decoy and be waiting alert behind the door.
3 Professor Dent: A-ha! {springing to confront an empty space behind the door}
4 Stud: {from bed, half asleep} Hmmmf...? Wha...?

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I've mashed together a couple of scenes from Dr No here to advance the plot a bit quicker. Professor Dent doesn't come into the room right after the spider incident in the movie. James Bond, wary because of the spider that failed to kill him previously sits quietly in wait for the assassin, playing solitaire until Dent appears. Dent shoots into the pillow decoy on the bed, and Bond effects a quick capture.

James Stud doesn't need any of those clever spy tricks when sheer dumb luck works just as well.

2015-03-18 Rerun commentary: And yes, James Stud does sleep in his tuxedo. Who knows when a surprise casino gambling session or seduction might break out? Best to be prepared at all times!

After earlier attempts which were a bit extreme, I'm pleased with the fake night lighting effect in this strip.

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