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<   No. 1065   2005-12-26   >

Comic #1065

1 Stud: {brandishing his own gun at Professor Dent} Drop the gun, Dent. I have you covered.
2 Professor Dent: {hands up} So now what? You shoot me to demonstrate your cold ruthlessness? That's rather controversial for a hero.
3 Stud: I have a reputation to uphold. It's either kill someone in cold blood or bed a woman at least once every five scenes.
4 Professor Dent: Oh man... I'm toast.

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In the equivalent scene in Dr No, Professor Dent makes a quick move to retrieve his dropped gun and fire it at James Bond, but he's already used his six bullets on firing at the pillow decoy in Bond's bed. Bond then calmly and coldly shoots Dent. Twice for good measure.

When the film was made, this was seen as potentially controversial. The film studio wasn't sure if it was okay to show the supposed hero killing someone in cold blood, thinking it might adversely affect the film's reception. But the producers went ahead with the scene, and James Bond hasn't looked back ever since.

2015-03-25 Rerun commentary: If you look closely you can see that James Stud is holding a revolver. James Bond actually uses a (non-revolver) pistol. Specifically, this was the film where Bond was given his famous Walther PPK in his first interaction with the MI6 armourer, Major Boothroyd (a character later to become better known as Q, though played in Dr No by a Peter Burton rather than Desmond Llewelyn).

The reason I used a revolver is that LEGO don't make any more modern-looking weapons than revolvers. I later acquired a few third party LEGO-compatible guns with more modern styling - some of which might be seen in later strips.

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