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<   No. 1066   2005-12-27   >

Comic #1066

1 {scene: by the office water cooler}
1 Shakespeare: I had a cool idea to make Google more fun.
2 Shakespeare: If you search for information on some topic and there are no hits, it should just invent something!
3 Shakespeare: String together a semi-random series of words vaguely related to the subject by different authors and pretend it's all true!
4 Mercutio: You mean like Wikipedia?

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Regular readers of these annotations will know I often link to Wikipedia when providing further information on various topics. Wikipedia has a bit of a mixed reputation, as a place where you can find information on anything, but whether that information is accurate or not is sometimes a gamble.

I think it's a neat project, but it certainly does have some limitations. And if you ever consider using Wikipedia as a reference source for some sort of academic assignment, for Pete's sake, check your facts elsewhere too.

You may be interested in the results of a study comparing the accuracy of Wikipedia to Encyclopaedia Britannica. Of course this just means you shouldn't trust any single source of information. Do research, cross-check multiple sources, and determine for yourself what is (most likely) correct.

2015-03-26 Rerun commentary: The water bottle on that water cooler is really quite tiny. It's a clear LEGO piece the same size and shape as a minifigure head, which isn't really big enough to convey the large bottles of water typically found upended on coolers.

I guess they don't drink a lot of water in this office.

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