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<   No. 1093   2006-01-23   >

Comic #1093

1 [sound]: Vrooom!! {Steve flies through the air above the shark tank on his motorcycle}
2 [sound]: Splash! {Steve splashes ito the bay beyond the tank}
2 Terry: He made it! He jumped the shark!
2 Jamie: Amazing!
3 Jamie: Now for the myth. Has the standard of our program dropped, Adam? Have we gone downhill yet?
4 Adam: Hard to tell, Jamie. I'm not sure how to calibrate our initial quality level...

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The only image processing tricks I used in the first panel were to replace the background and add a motion blur to the motorcycle. I really put the motorcycle there above the shark tank, suspending it on a Lego strut sticking out the back. It was easier to do that than to take separate photos and put them together like that.

2015-04-27 Rerun commentary: You'd think this is the sort of thing they'd sort out before actually carrying out the experiment.

Looking at this strip in hindsight, it would have been cool to have the shark actually jump out of the water and try to bite the motorbike. Or even succeed and grab on with its jaws and end up being carried into the open bay by the bike, resulting in a whole "shark escape" scenario.

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