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<   No. 1113   2006-02-12   >

Comic #1113

1 {scene: exterior of plane flying}
1 Steve: Crikey! It's always good to head back home to Australia!
2 Terry: Yes. I think this is the first trip we've taken where you didn't end up causing some sort of trouble.
2 Steve: I got arrested!
3 Terry: With wildlife I meant.
3 Steve: The shark!
3 Terry: It survived.
3 Steve: Oh. Right.
4 {scene change: Head Death's desk}
4 Head Death: {on the phone} Get me someone else. Being Crushed by a Falling Motorcycle hasn't had any work for... What? What do you mean he's dealing with a bunch of sea otters?!

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Sea otters are probably the most famous of the varied wildlife to be found in Monterey Bay. You can learn all about them and watch them live on a webcam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Otter Cam.

2015-05-25 Rerun commentary: I had to update the otter cam link above, as the aquarium changed the URL from what it was 9 years ago.

The good news is they now have a range of different live webcams, including kelp forest cam, penguin cam, and the intriguing jelly cam. These webcams only operate during the day, US Pacific time, so depending where you live you may have to view them at odd hours.

Another cool webcam I like to look at occasionally is the Abbey Road crossing webcam in London. It's a great way to see tourists making fools of themselves in real time. (I can say that, I did it too when I was there.)

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