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<   No. 1174   2006-04-14   >

Comic #1174

1 [caption]: Shakesbeard the Pirate to the rescue!
1 Shakespeare: Arrr! Take that ye scurvy o'ergrown calamari! {cuts the giant squid tentacle off}
2 Loren: Oh Captain Shakesbeard! My hero!
2 Shakespeare: Call me Will.
3 Shakespeare: Tell me, lovely Loren, why be ye takin' passage on a pirate vessel?
3 Loren: For the romance!
4 Loren: {looking at the squid tentacle on the deck} And the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet...

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I've run with the daydream theme inspired by the art contest. I thought about what name Will would adopt if he were a pirate. At first I thought "Gingerbeard", but then I realised his last name was already close enough to be transmuted easily.

Mmm... giant calamari.

2015-08-18 Rerun commentary: Wow, those are some great camera angles in the last two panels.

It's kind of weird reviewing my own old work, and having the unbidden but genuine reaction of "wow, that's some good work there". I guess that says something about... the consistency of my visual compositional aesthetic sensibilities?

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