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<   No. 1219   2006-05-29   >

Comic #1219

1 Man in Black: Now I've sorted that out, my job here is done.
2 Ishmael: But the Martians are invading! They want to conquer the entire planet!
2 Man in Black: Seeya. {waves and departs}
3 Ishmael: They're bloodthirsty warmongers! We're all going to die!
4 Martian 1: {instructing Martian 2 at the computer} No... show me the first kitten picture again...

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My work here is done.

2015-10-20 Rerun commentary: I just rechecked and, somewhat astonishingly, the KittenWar website is still operating much as it did back in 2006. Kudos to the site maintainers.

Some of those winningest kittens really are ridiculously cute.

(I just typed "winningest", fully expecting my spellchecker to throw a wobbly and reject that as an affront to the English language. But I'm actually disappointed that it appears to have accepted it as a valid word.)

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