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Comic #1257

1 {scene: Dawn is slowly breaking in the prison cell in Berlin.}
1 Monty: How could you eat so much! You knew Sallah was working on reopening the escape tunnel!
2 Prof. Jones: But oh, the food... it was so good. Räucherlachs, Zwiebelsuppe, Hasenpfeffer, Sauerbraten, Leberkäse, Kartoffelpfannkuchen...
3 Prof. Jones: ... Rouladen, Wiener Schnitzel, Königsberger Klopse. And then the Lebkuchen, Königstorte, and various Gebäck...
4 Minnesota Jones: Don't forget the wurst.
4 Monty: Aarrgghh! I don't want to hear about the wurst!
4 Prof. Jones: It was the best...

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My mother makes the best Kartoffelpfannkuchen. Mmmm...

Observant readers will notice dawn is breaking...

2015-12-12 Rerun commentary: I went to a German restaurant just a few days ago (as I write this), for an end-of-year project team lunch with work colleagues. The restaurant was decorated in a Bavarian theme, complete with a boar's head and two stag's heads adorning the walls, making it look like an Alpine hunting lodge.

Furthermore, the place was additionally decorated for the Christmas season, with trees, tinsel, baubles, and so on. And the boar's head had a red Santa Claus hat placed on it. And the stags had pairs of those fake reindeer antlers on them.

Fake reindeer antlers.

On stags.

That already have very impressive real antlers.

I just hope they'd done it in a deliberate effort to be humorous, rather than not thinking about it and noticing what they'd done.

The food was very good, by the way. We ordered a meal each, and some garlic bread and pretzels as appetisers. And in between the appetisers and the meals, they brought out plates of asparagus with hollandaise sauce and black forest ham on the side, as well as meat-stuffed dumplings. And then after that the actual meals arrived. I had sliced veal with mushrooms and spätzle. Which came with a side of vegetables - and the vegetables were wrapped in bacon, I kid you not. And I had apfelstrudel for dessert. And it came with crème anglaise, and both whipped cream and ice cream without me even asking. Because why the hell not?

I didn't have dinner that night.

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