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<   No. 1265   2006-07-14   >

Comic #1265

1 {scene: The prison cell in Berlin. The soft light of dawn breaks gently across the scene.}
1 Erwin: It is dawn, meine Herren. How was your last meal?
2 Prof. Jones: {still lying on the cell floor} Most excellent, thank you. We're so full we can barely move.
3 Erwin: I am pleased to hear that, Herr Professor Doktor Jones. Let us go then. It is time for your execution.
4 Prof. Jones: What, no breakfast?

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I debated having Minnesota Jones add something in the second panel, but I couldn't think of anything that would add further humour to the situation. So I didn't.

2015-12-23 Rerun commentary: Breakfast is so named for breaking the "fast" of having spent the sleeping hours without having eaten - the longest period that many people regularly experience without eating anything. So by morning you should be at your hungriest point of the day.*

Clearly this applies to the senior Joneses.

* I know it is for me. I eat breakfast pretty much as soon as I wake up - because I am hungrier at that time than any other time of the day. I know a lot of people skip breakfast, or only eat something a couple of hours later, but to me this is incomprehensible.

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