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<   No. 1263   2006-07-12   >

Comic #1263

1 Dwalin: {indicating the vast tunnel beyond the doors of the secret dwarven kingdom} Behoold. The subterranean dwarven kingdom of Dwergenberg. {translation: Behold. The subterranean dwarven... oh, it's all in plain English after that.}
2 Dwalin: Yon toonnels extend fer nigh thirty leagues. Nilly a mullion dwarves call it hoom. {translation: These tunnels extend for some thirty leagues. Nearly a million dwarves call it home.}
3 Alvissa: Wow. How long has this kingdom been here? It must be thousands of years. Since before the Dragon Wars?
4 GM: Since last week's playing session. I figured you weren't getting across the mountains any other way.

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Slowly we learn more about this campaign world. It had an event or series of events a long time ago called the Dragon Wars.

Cool, huh?

This epic fantasy stuff is easy to write.

2015-12-21 Rerun commentary: Thirty leagues of excavation through solid rock in a week is pretty fast, even for dwarves.

And you know how easy this fantasy stuff is to write? After the Dragon Wars laid waste to large swathes of land, the remaining dragons retreated to places seldom visited by the lesser races (elves, dwarves, humans, etc.), and those races eventually came to dominate the world.

Wow, it virtually writes itself.

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