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<   No. 1262   2006-07-11   >

Comic #1262

1 Ophelia: Mercutio, if you wanted to cancel a US government initiative, how would you do it?
2 Mercutio: Easy. Use wireless eavesdropping to hack into an anonymous packet rerouter, preferably in Russia, via a Trojan back door on a cracked spam server...
3 Mercutio: ... and set up a silent keylogger worm that reports back via whitespace steganography in outgoing email BCCed to a remailer to get a government system password...
4 Mercutio: ... then use that to log on and just edit the files.
4 Ophelia: Right. How would a normal person do it?

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Yes folks, Irregular Webcomic! contains detailed instructions on how to subvert the US government.

If I vanish in the next week, you'll know what happened.

2015-12-19 Rerun commentary: Mercutio's speech is pretty much technobabble that I made up. I don't really have any good idea how this sort of computer hacking works, and just threw together some likely phrases and buzzwords. I think I was channeling Marshall Flinkman from the TV show Alias at the time.

Perhaps the fact this is so obviously fake to anyone who actually knows about this stuff is the reason why I haven't vanished.

Or maybe I have vanished - and been replaced by a less dangerous-to-international-security person who merely resembles me, in order to deflect attention from the fact.

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