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<   No. 1305   2006-08-23   >

Comic #1305

1 {scene: Young Monty rides desperately away from the pursuing adventurer. He spots a circus train barrelling along the tracks and chases it.}
1 Young Monty: The circus train!
2 Fedora: {chasing Young Monty on foot along the roof of the train} Come back here, you meddling kid! That cross is mine!
3 Young Monty: {having fallen into a huge box of giant spiders} Eeuurgh!! Spiders!
4 Young Monty: {now facing a crocodile} Well, this flashback is just getting more and more disjointed.

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... Which is why it skips through scenes so quickly.

2016-02-17 Rerun commentary: This is where Monty Jones got his phobia of spiders from.

That's some callback, to 1280 strips ago. And interestingly, this strip and that strip are the only two strips in the Cliffhangers theme in which spiders are mentioned.

In hindsight, I should have made it a phobia of penguins or something way back at the beginning, which would have made this strip much more hilarious.

The other difference here from the Indiana Jones films (on which Monty Jones is not based) is that Indy fights a lion on the circus train, not a crocodile.

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