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<   No. 1306   2006-08-24   >

Comic #1306

1 Jane Goodall: Survived another croc attack, huh? How is he?
1 Terry: Nauseated from the shots.
1 Jane Goodall: Good, good.
2 Jane Goodall: So tell me, why on Earth was he filming crocodiles when the idea is to combat environmental problems?
3 Terry: He said crocs survived the major climate changes that killed off the dinosaurs...
4 Jane Goodall: If something's stupid enough it'll live through anything!

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2016-02-19 Rerun commentary: Wow, this one never had an original run annotation. That's a bit of a rarity this far into production. (Though scanning ahead I see there are a few more coming up in the next few weeks.)

Having been quite sick in hospital myself, I know that some medical drugs can indeed make you feel awfully nauseated.

I didn't use the word "nauseous" in this comic mostly because I didn't want to provoke readers into sending nasty emails saying that I actually meant "nauseated". Originally "nauseated" meant "feeling sick to the stomach", while "nauseous" meant "so disgusting that you make people around you feel sick to the stomach".

Personally I think this particular linguistic evolution boat sailed some time ago, and "nauseous" can be used to mean "nauseated", and everyone will know what you mean. (The fact that some people would point out that you used the wrong word just demonstrates that they know what you meant. Q.E.D.)

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