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<   No. 1314   2006-09-01   >

Comic #1314

1 [caption]: Off the coast of Portugal, 1930s {Monty is on a ship, facing his old nemesis over the Cross of Coronado. His hat has fallen over his face.}
1 Fedora: This is the second time I've had to reclaim my property from you, Dr Jones.
2 Monty: {jumping into the water with the Cross} Hey, you gave me the hat, you're not getting it back. Or the Cross, either.
3 [sound]: Kaboom!! {ship explodes!}
4 Monty: {back in civilisation} The Cross of Coronado, Sallah. Do you know how long I've been chasing this?
4 Sallah: An entire flashback sequence, Monty.

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And so we come to the end of Monty's "life flashing before his eyes" sequence, and the last strip photographed on film with my old camera. Yes, the colour has returned, à la Wizard of Oz.

Sallah's final line was originally "Six flashback strips, Monty." I didn't like the blatant fourth-wall breaking there, with the character being aware that he's in a comic strip. The change may be subtle, but now it can be interpreted as the Sallah in Monty's "life passing before his eyes" flashback referring to that flashback, so being aware that he's a figment of Monty's imagination, but not aware that he is a figment of my imagination.

So even though the character refers to the story context he's in, that makes sense within the greater story, so doesn't break the fourth wall. Although I do like to play with the fourth wall on occasion, I don't like to do it for no good reason.

2016-03-01 Rerun commentary: You know, it would be virtually impossible to swim or even stay afloat holding onto a lump of gold the size of the Cross of Coronado. Gold is really, really heavy. And in a storm-tossed ocean? Forget it.

There are (as I write this) 161 goofs listed on IMDB for the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but this is not one of them.

Although Indy does have a pedigree of miraculously surviving when he should drown in the sea. There's the whole hanging on to the Nazi submarine thing in Raiders of the Lost Ark, for starters. (Which is listed as a genuine goof on IMDB, by the way.)

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