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<   No. 1323   2006-09-10   >

Comic #1323

1 {scene: A firing squad wall in the prison in Berlin. Sallah and the Joneses are lined up against the wall.}
1 Haken: So, Herr Doktor Jones, Herr Professor Doktor Jones, und Herr Schliemannian Chair Jones, have you made your peace with Gott?
2 Minnesota Jones: Well if we're going to be formal, the Chair is technically a professorship too.
3 Haken: Herr Schliemannian Chair Professor Doktor Jones, then! Are you prepared to die?
3 Minnesota Jones: Actually, I have two Ph.D.s.
4 Haken: Ach! Herr Schliemannian Chair Professor Doktor Doktor Jones. Is that all?
4 Minnesota Jones: Commander of the Order of the British Empire...

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The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is the lowest ranked order of chivalry in the United Kingdom, and therefore the one containing the most members, recognised for a variety of distinguished deeds. The two highest ranks are Knight (or Dame) Grand Cross and Knight (or Dame) Commander*, which involve actual knighthood. The next rank is Commander, followed by Officer, and finally Member.

Presumably Minnesota Jones has done something particularly important to have been granted such an honour.

* Jane Goodall, by the way, is a Dame Commander of the British Empire.

2016-03-14 Rerun commentary: A regular CBE can only be awarded to a citizen of the British Empire, but foreigners can receive honorary awards of the same rank for distinguished service to international relations with the British Empire.

It's an open question whether Minnesota Jones qualified as a British citizen before emigrating to the USA, or if he has received an honorary award.

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