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<   No. 1330   2006-09-17   >

Comic #1330

1 Haken: ...Doktor Doktor Jones, CBE. Are you ready to meet your maker?
1 Minnesota Jones: Distinguished Conduct Medal. Boer War, you know?
2 Haken: Herr Schliemannian Chair Professor Doktor Doktor Jones, CBE, DCM...
2 Minnesota Jones: And my father was a viscount.
3 Haken: Ach. So that makes you, what... a "Right Honourable"?
4 Minnesota Jones: Hardly! Maybe if I'd been a member of the Privy Council! No, it's just "The Honourable".
4 Prof. Jones: A gentleman would know these things...

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The rules of styles of address are arcane and bizarre. Indeed, the children of viscounts are entitled to be addressed as The Honourable such-and-such.

It occurs to me that some readers may be wondering how Schliemannian Chair of Archaeology Minnesota Jones qualifies for British honours and aristocratic titles, when it seems likely that his family has been American for about as far back as can reasonably be expected. Remember though that the Schliemannian Chair is a position at Oxford University, so he obviously lived in the UK for some time. There may be further revelations on the Jones family history in the future. Or maybe not.

2016-03-23 Rerun commentary: It's interesting how you can be "The Honourable" even if you're a downright scoundrel.

Much like the politicians in the Australian and UK Parliaments.

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