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<   No. 466   2004-05-06   >

Comic #466

1 Prof. Jones: Sallah, this is my father, Professor Emeritus Minnesota Jones.
2 Sallah: Minnesota? Why are you all named after states?
3 Minnesota Jones: It's a tradition started by my great great great great great great grandfather, Maine Jones.
4 Minnesota Jones: He wanted the family to be united.

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Yes, I know that if you go that far back in Monty's family tree, Maine wasn't even a state yet. In fact, there were no states of the US at all. The region was, however, associated with the name Maine, being the Province of Maine as early as 1622, although it was part of the Province of Massachusetts around the time Maine Jones would have been around. So it's kinda anachronistic, but hey, you learnt something, didn't you?

One cannot live by physics, pop culture, and Shakespearean literature geekishness alone.

2013-04-25 Rerun commentary: Monty's paternal ancestry looks like this: The intent here was to have the states running across the northernmost border of the USA - the border with Canada.

I didn't realise Michigan actually borders Minnesota when I initially came up with this list (their border is entirely on the water of Lake Superior - they don't share a land border). That's how Wisconsin (which therefore does not border Canada) snuck into the list. Maybe Michigan Jones wasn't so good with his geography either.

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